SUMMARY:tcp parameters using "ndd" to make NFS better in Solaris 2.4

From: Srinivasa R. Yalavarthy (
Date: Wed Jul 12 1995 - 15:53:38 CDT

Many thanks for few people who responded with real answers. This is
really great. Eventhough I couldn't rule any solution, my gut feeling is
that latest kernel jumbo patch fixes the problem. After applying the
patch we haven't seen the problem so far.

Original query:

> My customer is having lot of problems with NFS in Solaris2.4. HE
>has SS2000E as NFS server running 2.4 and he has SunOS4.1.3 and
>Solaris2.4 mixed client env. Mostly SunOS. Every now and then the NFS
>server freezes and the clients get "NFS sever not responding" error. The
>ethernet interface is O.K, he can still ping through it. First we
>to reduce the read/write buffer sizes on NFS mounts, but we came to know
>that by changing tcp driver parameters using "ndd" the problem could be
>solved. But I am lost in my quest for the documentation on "ndd" other
>than a simple mannual page which doesn't help me in any way. I would
>appreciate if anybody can help me with, what parameters needs to be set
>and what are the values for those parameters. I will summarize..:)
>thanks in advance.
>BTW, this server has 15 interfaces and we started 512 nfsd daemons which
>reduced the frequency of the problem being affecting the system, but we
>didn't think that this didn't solve the problem all together.

Suggetions - Solutions

Many thanks to the following sun-managers...:

Mike Avina <>

Make sure the following patches are installed:
The Generic_101945-27 patch is the important one.
Bill Holzapfel <>

I wanted to let you know that I had a similar
problem with a SS1000 with a quad ethernet card. It turned
out to be a bug in 2.4 related to the quad ethernet card
(that to my knowledge has'nt been fixed yet). And the
workaround is to put:
        set nfs:nfsreadmap=0
in the server's /etc/system and reboot. Hope this helps.

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