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Thor Simon, writes:


Thor, this should be of interest to you. BTW, what sort of RAID
background and areas of RAID expertise might you have, yourself?

>Since RAID 7 cache has been mentioned a couple of times here, and
>non-volatile cache is of interest to certain of the big RAID 7 users in
>areas like Wall Street, banking, and power plants, here is the
>relevant information and "rest of the story":

>Storage Computer provides the industry's first standards-based
>Non-Volatile RAM Cache that provides added protection of data in cache
>memory. StorComp's Non-Volatile RAM Cache is comprised of a base logic
>board, eight SRAM PCMCIA credit card sized slots to hold data and one
>PCMCIA slot for operating system memory extension.

>This reinforces Storage Computer's commitment to developing
>standards-based products that give users functionality and flexibility.
>The Non-Volatile RAM Cache is the only open systems solution to
>protecting cache data. Users can easily scale their cache board
>themselves by swapping standards-based, commodity PCMCIA memory cards.

>Storage Computer's new option is the first and only Non-Volatile RAM
>Cache to protect against single control CPU failure by providing a
>unique Non-Volatile RAM Cache mechanism to shadow control CPU cache/RAM,
>preventing even catastrophic CPU failures from resulting in loss or
>corruption of stored data. The Non-Volatile Cache Board includes an
>upgrade to the current version of the Storage Computer Operating System
>and is compatible with all existing RAID 7 systems.

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