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From: ying He (
Date: Fri Jul 07 1995 - 09:06:51 CDT

HI, since some people have same question and ask me to send the solution, I tried
to sent individual mails, but I got some of them back, so I think I may just
summary here.

I just got more requiests ask me to summarize, so I send it again with subjet "SUMMARY"

Thanks for all reasponse, all of them gave the very clear solution
and are great helpful:

(there are more coming, I think so far we have got enough answers..)

>From Wed Jul 5 20:16 EDT 1995
Subject: Re: messages on the console
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Your routed is getting RIPed from routers ( and that you have not defined in /etc/gateways. See
the man pages for routed (in.routed).


>From Wed Jul 5 23:21 EDT 1995
Subject: Unknown router
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>From a posting a while back: hope it's of some use.

> An unknown router is one that isn't on the same subnet as the local machine
> and isn't in /etc/gateways. You can get that message if you are running
> multiple subnets on a single cable and sending RIP broadcasts to the
> address (instead of <net>.<subnet>.255); we noticed it when
> we configured a "secondary address" on our cisco router.
> You can suppress the complaints by adding an entry for the router to
> /etc/gateways and restarting in.routed.

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>From Thu Jul 6 00:05 EDT 1995
Subject: Re: messages on the console
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I've seen this problem when i have the sun plugged into the wrong network.
It might also be that the routers are plugged into the wrong net, although
I doubt that two would be wrong. What is the IP address of the machine that
has the error messages? It should be 162.129.<something>.<something>. You
might also have your subnet mask set incorrectly. If you dont use subnetting
it should be

Hope any of this is of some help to you.


>From Thu Jul 6 09:22 EDT 1995
Subject: Re: messages on the console
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You are running routed on your machine and probably have multiple
subnets on your ethernet. There are a couple of solutions
        1) don't run routed but instead use static routes
           (if you only have one router on your cable this is a reasonable
        2) create a /etc/gateways file and make a passive entry for the
           subnet (type man routed for more info)

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>From Thu Jul 6 09:34 EDT 1995
Subject: Re: messages on the console
To: ying He <>
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Your systems are running the routed daemon, which is why you see those
messages. If you do not want to run routed, then create a file called
/etc/defaultrouter in which you should have the IP address of your
router. Then reboot. The system checks for the existance of the
defaultrouter file and when it does not find it, it starts routed.

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