debug tools Solaris2.4 - SUMMARY

From: Guido Elwin P Silva Jr (
Date: Tue Jul 04 1995 - 19:29:15 CDT

Thanks to:

John Rosenberg <>
Pierre-Yves Bonnetain (
Thomas Koetter (
Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child} (

I'm very surprised with the answers ...

Everybody agree that debug tools are common only for compilers gnu (gcc/g++).

I'm surprised because the gnu compilers for me are very ineficient, the
code are very big and very slow. I need to use a more professional tool
like Sparc C/C++ compiler ...

But, the hint is that I have to buy a proprietary debugger for the compiler ...

This situation are becoming very common on $$olaris !!!

Guido Elwhin Penaranda Silva Jr
System's Analist.
Brazil - Belo Horizonte

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