SUMMARY: Ring Buffer Overflow

From: Barry Donovan (bdo@salt.atb.CH)
Date: Tue Jul 04 1995 - 15:30:09 CDT

  About a week ago I described a problem about some of
  our workstations locking up under stress.
  The complete workstation would die and eventually
  come back with the following message appearing on the
    "zs3: Ring buffer Overflow"

  Replies suggest that its the Serial Buffer filling up
  (due to input from keyboard and mouse) and the operating system
  cant handle it. A number of people stated that 2.3 doesnt work
  very well under stress and I should move to 2.4 where its better.

  I also got a suggestion to apply patch 101493-01 which improves the
  performance. I've done this and am awaiting comments back from the
  users who were having the problems.....................

  Finally, It was also suggested that I should check the actual
  physical connections on the serial ports as sometimes a bad
  connection can generate alot of noise. I've done this and
  again am awaiting comments from the users concerned.

  Many thanks to the following who replied: Eric BERNARD
        Pell Emanuelsson <> (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
        F.Claro@ITS.IT (Fulvio Claro ) (Mike Salehi)


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