SUMMARY: Solaris equivalent to /etc/exports' root=hostnames

From: David Gunn (
Date: Tue Jul 04 1995 - 02:12:52 CDT

My original post:

> Hi everyone,
> I've been looking for the Solaris equivalent to /etc/exports' root=hostnames
> but have looked in vain.
> Can anyone help?

The moral of this story:

  Ask a simple answer, expect *lots* of responses.


* The root option is supported in Solaris. It is documented in the share_nfs
  man page. (I had looked in the share man page but not share_nfs.)

  Thanks to the following people for telling me about the share_nfs man page:

From: (Sun System Admin)
From: Boyd Fletcher <>
From: "Chris Phillips" <>
From: Jason L Tibbitts III <>
From: (Guy Harris)
From: Lupe Christoph <>
From: (Ray Trzaska)

* Thanks to the following people that told me that it is supported in Solaris:

From: Gary Parker (Ph-15113/Pg-966-0269) <>
From: Jarod Jenson <>
From: "Christopher A. Stewart" <>
From: Bill Reed <>
From: (Robby Jackard)
From: rauthenberg@HHI.DE (Stefan Rauthenberg)
From: (Frank Allan - Network Manager)
From: "Sergey Gribov" <>
From: Michael Baumann <>
From: (Brian L Plante)
From: Simon-Bernard Drolet <>
From: (Dirk Boenning)
From: (Bill Shorter - Local Account)
From: (Daniel R. Bidwell)
From: Todd Michael Kennedy <>

* Thanks to the many others that told me about /etc/dfs/dfstab which I already
  know about.

Thanks for all your responses!

David Gunn

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