SUMMARY: where to find olvwm

From: Frode Stromsvag (
Date: Fri Jun 30 1995 - 08:52:30 CDT

In the end I picked it up from: in /pub/binaries/olvwm/[4.x|5.x]

You could also find it at: in /pub/linux/slackware/source/xv/olvwm4.tar.gz in /pub/X/xview/olvwm4.tar.gz
scott.oaks@East.Sun.COM (the author of olvwm) (in the X11 contrib areas)

You can also use archie to find the nearest site.

Kevin Sheehan also had warm recommandations for vtwm (small,fast and
more configurable...)

Thanks to:
Ted Nolan
Stephen P Richardson
Kevin Sheehan
Kurt Degieter (olVwm.not.olwm!)
Dotty Pon
Risto Tolonen
Larry Ridenour (thanks for not giving an answer, I'll give more details on OS and more next time).

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