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Date: Fri Jun 30 1995 - 19:18:48 CDT

Original question:

> Due to a routing problem some weeks ago several mail messages from
> different users here, mostly sent to the same site, were queued in
> /var/spool/mqueue. Some of these messages were urgent and the users were
> annoyed when they got them back 3 days later as undeliverable. I have been
> asked to do something about it. I do NOT want to change the 3 day queuing
> time (3 days seems very reasonable for most messages); most users never
> log in directly so it's no good telling them to check what has happened to
> their mail by reading the log file (in my case /var/log/maillog). What I
> would like to do is to have a message mailed to each user whose mail is
> delayed by more than say 4 hours. So
> 1) Has sendmail this capability? I don't find anything like it in
> the man pages.
> 2) Has anyone written something which does this?
> Otherwise I suppose I will have to try to write a cron job to do this. The
> system is a 4/330 4.1.1 with most of the main patches including 100377-15
> sendmail jumbo patch, I am using and don't appear to have any
> other problems with mail.

All the people who replied gave the same answer - Sun sendmail does not do
this, but sendmail v8 does. I also need to modify my to have a
line OT3d/4h (for the configuration above). Sendmail 8.6.12, which appears
to be the latest version (although I ftp'ed it from a more local source
than Berkeley), will also give me other improvements and remove a few
security holes.

Thanks to:

Manjeet_Singh <>
David Lee <> (Don Lewis)
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"Christopher L. Barnard" <cbarnard@CS.UChicago.EDU>
Gene Rackow <>
Ian MacPhedran <Ian_MacPhedran@engr.USask.Ca>
Chris Swanson <>
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and to any others whose reply I have not yet received.

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