SUMMARY: sv_timeout followed by hang - what's that error?

From: Jim Watt (
Date: Thu Jun 29 1995 - 11:44:39 CDT

Last week, I wondered...

|> So, the questions are first, what's an "sv_timeout"? And second, does
|> any of that point to some kind of problem with the power to the
|> Seagate, or cabling to the SCSI bus? Third, if it doesn't point to
|> SCSI or power to the drive, what's it trying to tell us????

Thanks to for some helpful comments, but
nobody came up with the origin of the "sv_timeout" message...but I
finally did! It's in the *Netware* code, as I found out by doing
a strings on /vmunix, and finding the string in ipx.obj.

So probably what happened is that the Netware file allocation
information became corrupted during one of the system crashes.
I ran "nwfsck" after a reboot, and we've not seen that error

What we're going to do about *that* is to shut down the Netware
service on the machine. There's nothing that Samba can't do that
we need in the way of file services for PCs.

We are still seeing intermittent SCSI problems, however. If anybody
knows any Bad Things about ST32550N 2 gb. SCSI drives on a 4/490,
please let me know!!!


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