SUMMARY:Apple-laser II

From: Mr Rene Occelli (
Date: Wed Jun 28 1995 - 23:53:13 CDT


Due to a lot of mail I received after my first summary, I'm trying
to give more explanation about printing to Apple laserwriter.

First, I resume my original question.

My Sparcprinter is down , so I'm looking for a QUICK and SIMPLE solution
for printing. Finding an Applelaserwriter with an ethernet port, I'm
wondering if it was possible to use it from my Sun.

That's important, is that I'm looking for a transient solution, because
I hope my sparcprinter will work again.

Now: Question is it possible to print to an Apple laser writer ?

The response is YES but the work spent to solve the problem
depends of the type of laserwriter.

1) Old types like laserwriter plus etc... don't "talk' TCPIP, they only talk
Solution :
1.1) free softwares like CAP ( and others...)
        or netatalk ( )

        Somepeople says that CAP is heavy to install.

1.2) Set up the Sun with a Ethertalk to IP "converter"
        Commercial products from Helios called Ethershare
        Gatorbox from Cayman Systems (or via Apple resellers)
        uShare from Information Presentation Technologies. (California)
        or uPrint for only printing
        Suntops (for more info see Manjeet_Singh <> )
        Freeware called MAC requires work ( (David Burwell)

1.3) Connect the Sun directly to the printer via the serial port.
        In this case Macs CAN'T use it

2) New type like LaserWriter 16/600 PS which 'talk' TCPIP
        It seems to be easy to connect Sun to it
        Many people say to set the IP address when the printer starts by
        arp -s printername xx:yy:zz:aa:bb:cc:dd:ee

        Pat Cain <> says that even in this case a utility is
        needed to print to it. He proposes 'apprint' available at
         - - in pub/upload/lw810.tar.gz

IN conclusion and in my case I will waiting my Sparcprinter will be ok.
On the other hand, I'm talking with the human admin of the Mac network
to upgrade the laser printer to a new model which talk TCP/IP


Many thanks to: (Mike Avina) (Jeff Mayzurk) (Roberto Dominijanni) (David Burwell) (Mike Salehi) (Jeff Marble)
Pat Cain <> (Thad Macmillan) (S. D. Raffensberger 500622500 (RD)) (Brett Lymn) (Manuel PINTOR (MMS-Toulouse, Operations)) (
Bob Corbett <> (Giles Carre) (Jeff Mayzurk) (Tim Boemker) (Jeff Marble) (Kalpesh Dharia)
"Moser Jeff" <> (Nik Swoboda HC'96)
Tomas Felner <> (Lois B Bennett)
Dave Fetrow <> (Eric Wampner) (Larry Ridenour) (Mark Cain)
Manjeet_Singh <>

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