SUMMARY: Sharing CD-Roms, Solaris 2.3/2.4

From: David Procter (
Date: Wed Jun 28 1995 - 15:24:03 CDT

Hello All,

My query was :-

> This used to work :-
>Machine_1 Machine_2
>Sun CD-Rom drive Solaris 2.3
>Solaris 2.3
>In /etc/dfs/dfstab : 'share -F nfs -o ro=Machine_2 -d "CD-Rom" /cdrom'
> Insert CD into drive. Wait while vold does the necessary. On
>Machine 2 type 'cd /net/Machine_1/cdrom'. Two directories appear - the
>name of the disk and 'cdrom0' which is a link to the former. 'cd' into
>either and the directory tree appears and so on.
> Machine_1 has been upgraded to Solaris 2.4. Now 'cd'ing into cdrom0
>or the disk name is still successful but the directories are empty. I've
>had a rummage through the 2.4 man pages on vold and share but I didn't
>spot any differences to 2.3.
> Any ideas ?

First past the post : Koen Peeters <>

     The key file is /etc/rmmount.conf where 'share cdrom*' (or a suitable
variant) needs to be added. I neglected to mention that it wasn't really
an upgrade to 2.4, more of a complete install so this line, present in 2.3,
was not carried over. I didn't add it for 2.3 but that's no excuse because
rmmount.conf is referenced in the vold.conf man page.

Thanks to Koen and anyone who replies after this summary goes out.



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