SUMMARY: Admintool terminates unexpectdedly

From: Mel (
Date: Tue Jun 27 1995 - 03:33:19 CDT

Thanks to the 1.2 people who responded.

The problem was:

Sparc20/612 Solaris2.4
Relevant patches: kernel 101945-27, admintool 102153-04

Attempting to modify/view a user (NIS+) using the User Account manager
results in an error 'Method program terminates unexpectedly with signal 11'

The answer is: it is a bug:

        Bug Id: 1211747
         Category: sysadmin
         Subcategory: admin_methods
         Bug/Rfe: bug
         Synopsis: admintool fails with "Method program unexpectedly
terminated with signal 11"
         Keywords: admintool,admintool.display,method,user,manager,nis+
         Severity: 3
         Priority: 4

The solution/work-arounds are:

1. Rebuild your NIS+ namespace from scratch.
2. Use the command line tools (nistbladm, nisaddent etc..) to
manipulate the NIS+ tables.

Andrew Mellanby
Computing Officer, Dept. Math.Sciences,
University of Aberdeen

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