SUMMARY: NeWSPrint and non-postscript HP printer

From: Anatoly M. Lisovsky (
Date: Sat Jun 24 1995 - 21:13:38 CDT

Hi all!

A lot of thanks, especially to Robert Pasken.

Yes, it is bug in NeWSPrint. To workaround it do not use GUI
to add non-postscript HP printer. Just exit from openwin
and run add_np_printer from console.
I hope Sun will fix the bug.

In message <> Anatoly M. Lisovsky

>Hi all!
>I'm again from ex-another side.
>I tried to install NeWSPrint 2.5 to solaris 2.4, hardware 03/95.

>> add_np_printer
>> add_np_printer: Initializing ......
>> sed: command garbled: sXLPTYPEXhpdj

>Is not NeWSPrint 2.5 compatible with Solaris 2.4?
>What files to edit by hands to install HP DeskJet or
>HP LazerJet without internal PostScript support?

>Thank you.

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In message <199506201854.LAA21184@bugaboo.Eng.Sun.COM> Jane Medefesser


> NeWSprint *is* compatable with Solaris 2.4 as well as the up
>and coming Solaris 2.5. You should be using NP 2.5RevB instead of 2.5.
>If you want to add your own printer class to NeWSprint you will need to
>get the NeWSprint developers kit to make your own printer class.
>NeWSprint only supports Sun printers (NeWSprinter20, SPARCprinter,
>SPARCprinterII and CL+) or PostScript printers. You will have to
>develop the printer class for any other "dumb" printer you want
>to add. The developers kit has documentation to guide you through

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In message <9506202040.AA19248@mendel.UCSC.EDU>

>Sounds like you do not have the right filter in place.

>Stephen Hauskins

In message <199506202129.OAA21523@bugaboo.Eng.Sun.COM> Jane Medefesser


> You sound very frustrated and angry and I cannot
>determine from your answer what exactly your problem is.
>NeWSprint is supposed to support SUN printing to dumb
>printers sold by SUN. It is part of a host-based printing
>solution. NeWSprint also supports printing to non-SUN postscript
>printers. Yes, we KNOW you can do this without NeWSprint: It's
>there in case you have NeWSprint for your SUN printers and
>still want to use PostScript.

>Propoganda is an interesting word: This makes me think you may have
>had a misunderstanding with your sales person. No, this is not
>"pre-alpha almost-in-beta" software. I assure you that this
>product does what it is *supposed* to do. I suspect your sales
>person lead you to believe it would do things which it cannot.

>My advice to you is this: Contact your sales representative with your
>questions. Have him work a solution for you. Let him know that the
>product is not doing what you believe it should be doing. Perhaps there
>has been a configuration mistake made on your machine.

>As for email to Scott McNeely - yes, you can do this. Scott is a busy
>man and probably won't answer you personally. He will forward your
>mail to the appropriate sales or support team and you will receive
>assistance from them.

>Good luck in your endeavor-
>Jane Medefesser

In message <9506210040.AA02421@alaska.opensys.COM> Don Lenamond writes:

>When installing NeWSprint, you have a number of devices which
>you install for, ie. HP printers, Postscript printers, etc.

>Sounds like you installed the wrong printer module for the
>physical device attached.

>I am currently running Solaris 2.4, NeWSprint 2.5, SPARCprinters
>and HP Laserjet 4M's without any problem.

>*** Please be aware of a major bug with Solaris 2.4 and the
>*** NP 2.5 combination.

>You need to first install the 101945 jumbo kernel patch,
>and the 102113 NeWSprint patch to get this combo to work
>correctly. The latter fixes a queue hanging problem induced
>by the first.

>Good luck!

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In message <199506211849.LAA22739@bugaboo.Eng.Sun.COM> Jane Medefesser


> I have checked your problem here and you are
>right about the error messages. What I got was this:

>> Install Script Execution
>> add_np_printer: Initializing ......
>> sed: command garbled: sXLPTYPEXhpdj

>I did note that the correct configuration files were installed
>but did not have time to actually set up a printer and verify
>that it worked or not.

>What I need to know from you is this: What happens when you try to
>print to the HPLasetjet when you install it? I believe I remember
>you said it only prints postscript text - not formatted image.
>Have you tried printing with many different files or only one?

>...I'm beginning to believe you have a real bug here... if you bear with
>me and answer these questions I'll be able to get this into our bug tracking
>database and begin working on an engineering solution for you-


In message <> Bill Morrow

>Hi Anatoly,

>I have had similar problems with output from WordPerfect. It
>insists on putting a few spaces before the initial "%!" that
>tells the printer that this file is PostScript source code.
>The solution for me was to use an input filter containing
>a sed command to strip out those spaces.

>I'm not sure how you do all that in Solaris, I am still
>running SunOS 4.1.3

>Hope this helps you,
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In message <9506231214.ZM18836@niw> Carlyn M. Lowery writes:

>I did the following to configure an hp printer:

>lpsystem -t s5 $HOST
>lpadmin -p lp -s $HOST
>lpadmin -p lp -I PS
>lpadmin -p lp -T PS
>cd /etc/lp/fd
>for i in (download dpost postio postior postprint postreverse)
> lpfilter -f $i -F $i.fd
>accept lp
>enable lp
>lpadmin -d lp
>lpstat -tl

In message <> writes:


>two things, first you need a license for postscript fonts that are different
>then courrier, the second thing is that you need to add a patch for
>np_filter (you should ask this to your local sun rep or go query your
>sunsolve site).

>We ran into similar problems when we upgraded from Solaris 2.3 to 2.4 on
>one of our hosts that had a sparc printer attached.

>Kind regards,

>K. Saouli

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In message <> Robert Pasken writes:

> There is a bug in NeWSPrint-2.5 that prevents the use of the GUI
>install tool. It is a bug in the sed scritps that adds the printer. The
>solution I got from SunPics was to use the tty-based install tool. I got
>the same errors and then they disappeared when I used the tty-based tool.
>I have two different HP printers working off a Sparc-10/30 running 2.4


In message <Pine.SOL.3.91.950624174242.14010A-100000@us8> Damian Murphy


>> Is not NeWSPrint 2.5 compatible with Solaris 2.4?

>Yes, I have several Sun SPARCprinters running Solaris 2.4 and NeWSPrint 2.5.

>But NeWSPrint must be version 2.5b for Solaris 2.x and Solaris must have at
>least the patches in the March patch cluster, which had jumbo kernel
>patch version 13.

>> What files to edit by hands to install HP DeskJet or
>> HP LazerJet without internal PostScript support?

>I do not remeber doing and file editing when we installed 2.4, and I can't
>think back to the original installation on 2.3. I don't have any HP
>stuff running on the NeWSPrint anymore, I got HP4SI with a JetDirect, sorry.

>Best luck

>P.S. where is .su domain (The net grows every day it seems)?

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