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I guess this was an easy one.

1. Use 'mknod c 3 2 /dev/null2' to create a second 'null'-fil, and
   'chmod 666 /dev/null2'.
2. Some proposed that I could create a symbolic link to /dev/null, but
3. some of you recommended not to use /dev/null for printing since
   lpd's lock on /dev/null may interfere with ordinary (non-printing)
   processes attempting to access /dev/null.
4. Some suggested I could create an empty file in each printers
   spool directory and have printcap point to these files instead.

Thanks to
Martin Achilli
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....and I'm sure many more to come.....

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Hello out there.

I have connected two printers to a dual parallel card on
an IPC running SunOS 4.1.3. The printcap entries look
like this:


This brings me into a lock situation on /dev/null, so one printer
has to finish before the other can start. I want them both to
be active simultaneously.

Does anyone know how to create a second null file, /dev/null2?

Of course I will summarize.

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