SUMMARY: gcc under SOL 2.4

From: Philip Enteles (
Date: Sat Jun 24 1995 - 12:58:30 CDT

First I would like to thank all the people who sent me mail about this.
The original message is included at the bottom of this detailing the
problem I was having with installing gcc on Solaris 2.4.

The answer that finally did the job was to get the whole pkg 's from in the gnu/solaris directory and using pkgadd to install
them. Also I had to make sure all the correct pkg 's were installed too
which is included in the FAQ. Thanks for not roasting me on that.
Another site that has the packages is:

I do now have gcc 2.7 working although I get errors compiling pine,
everything else I have tried works.

Other hints that helped were:

neither the SunExpert or INSTALL.gcc instructions help when you have
problems and neither is real clear on some points.

correct path is

Packages needed from FSF are:
        FSFemacs GNU Emacs 19.27 10.8 Mb
        FSFgcc GNU C Compiler 2.6.0 4.1 Mb
        FSFperl Perl 4.036 1.2 Mb
        FSFtools GNU tools 2.4 3.8 Mb
        FSFgdb GNU Debugger 4.13 2.8 Mb
        FSFobjc GNU Objective C 2.6.0 2.0 Mb
        FSFg++ GNU C++ Compiler 2.6.0 2.2 Mb
        FSFlibg++ GNU C++ library 2.6 4.2 Mb

Help with making sure the correct header files:
If you add -H to the gcc options, it will print the names of all header
files used and where they are included from. This may reveal something about
where the conflicting declarations are coming from.

The relevant FAQ Questions is:
6.2) What about the linker, the assembler and make?

    Solaris ships with everything you need, except for the compiler.
    All this stuff lives in /usr/ccs/bin and /usr/ccs/lib.
    If you still can't find it, make sure you have the following
    packages installed on your system:

        for tools (sccs, lex, yacc, make, nm, truss, ld, as):
            SUNWbtool, SUNWsprot, SUNWtoo
        for libraries & headers:
            SUNWhea, SUNWarc, SUNWlibm, SUNWlibms
        for ucb compat:
            SUNWsra, SUNWsrh

    These packages are all on the Solaris 2.x CD.

The most recently posted version of the FAQ is available from in directory /pub/solaris

Specific thanks to:

From: (Gerard R. Lazo)
From: Travis <>
From: raoul@MIT.EDU
From: Richard Pieri <>
From: (Edward R. Powell)
From: misawa@physics.Berkeley.EDU (Shigeki Misawa)
From: (Jeff Greer)
From: (Gordon Thompson)
From: Casper Dik <casper@Holland.Sun.COM>
From: ((Nuno.Canas) Presales Manager)

Original Message:
I am trying to get gcc up on a SOlaris 2.4 system and just having a
hell of a time. I have gotten gcc-binaries and have that up but it must
have a problem somewhere. I also ran the include file fixer. I am
trying to build make at this point but when I do a 'sh' I

compiling commands.c...

         In file included from
                          ./make.h:164, from
        warning: conflicting types for built-in function `memcpy'
        warning: conflicting types for built-in function `strcpy'
        warning: conflicting types for built-in function `memcmp'

After which nothing works. I can't locate what directory or file it
wants. SUNWhea, SUNWbtool, SUNWarc and SUNWtoo are installed. gcc-bin
are 2.5.6 and make is 3.74. Path has /usr/local/bin /opt/gnu/bin
/usr/ccs/bin in it. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Also any
pointers to a real step by step to get this up and going would help. I
am using the article in SunExpert 10/94 now. Thanks in avance.

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