SUMMARY: Disk Disappeared

From: Ricardo J Ruiz (
Date: Sat Jun 24 1995 - 10:21:15 CDT

Original Question:

> I have SPARC10 running SunOS v4.1.3_U1. Last night, the system started
> complaining about one of the disks. The disk is a 9.1GB Micropolis-1927.
> The messages from dmesg are:
> sd6: disk not responding to selection
> sd6: disk okay
> sd6: disk not responding to selection
> ...
> sd6: disk not responding to selection
> This morning I tried to df the file systems on sd6 but all I got was a
> disk I/O error message. So, I decided to reboot. Now, sd6 is completely
> ignored. scsiping does not see it, scsiinfo does not see it. I try to
> mount the file systems and it tells me that the device does not exist. I
> checked the disk and cables. The light is on, the fan on the disk is
> running.
> Any ideas on what could be going on? Any recommendations on how to
> trouble shoot this problem?
> Replies will be greatly appreciated,


Two days after the initial problem, I ran into similar problems with
another system but a different disk drive. I checked all the cables as
many of you recommended and noticed that one of the cables was loose on
one end. If you pull straight back, it seems fine. It was when I pulled
from each side that I was able to notice the loose cable. I adjusted the
cable and the problem dissapeared. On the same token, we switched the
disk with the original problem with a disk from another machine. Both
disks are working just fine.

Thanks to all the people who replied.

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