SUMMARY: Interesting Modem Control

From: Craig Barker (tybse2!
Date: Fri Jun 23 1995 - 13:51:31 CDT

Recently I posted the following question:

> I have recently begun receiving the following messages in my /var/adm/messages log:

> unix: stc_modem: unit 0 line 0 interesting modem control: MCR: 0x0, MSVR: 0x0

> I have a Hayes modem connected through an asynchronous serial port on a SPC/S
> SBus board on my SPARCServer 10 model 30 running Solaris 2.3.

Thankyou to the following:

Chris Zanelli
Scott Kamin

Scotts analysis and explanation follows:
This message is generated in the device driver when an interrupt
is generated from the modem control lines, but no change is
seen when the driver actually checks the line state.

This could either be a modem problem, a cable problem or an
SPC/S problem.

You might try a different modem if one is available, a different
(or perhaps shielded) cable, or (assuming the problem persists
and you have a service contract) place a call on the SPC card.

Note that this is not an error and should not impact the
operation of the system or modem. It is strictly informational.

Thanks Again,

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