Openwindows Xlock Problem Summary

From: Rob Beverly (
Date: Sat Jun 24 1995 - 06:20:31 CDT

My Original Question:

> We are having problems xlock on our Solaris 2.4 machines
> running NIS+ for users other than root. It will not validate
> the login for any user other than root, and remains in a locked
> screen. We have installed the patches on the installation CD
> (hardware 3/95) as well as all of the recommended patches. I
> tried the following patches as well (as they seemed relevant)
> with no luck:
> 102112-01, 101878-09, 101879-01 Which are a winlock and
> two xview jumbo patches.


Whenusing NIS+ with secure passwords, xlock can't read them because
it is root and not the user.

Workaround (if you don't have normal users in /etc/shadow, just root):
chmod u-s /usr/openwin/bin/xlock.

This fixed the problem perfectly. There are a number of other options
as well:

I had a similar problem recently and Sun's response was to change the
permissions for nobody on the password and group databases.

nischmod n+r passwd.org_dir
nischmod n+r group.org_di

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