SUMMARY: Troubles with NFS and Netware

From: J M Thompson (
Date: Sat Jul 08 1995 - 15:35:12 CDT

First, I'd like to thank the following folks for taking the time to
respond to my question:

Robert Andersson
Tim Lines
K. Smith


First-the situation:

A Novell Netware (3.11) file server NFS exports a file system. A
UNIX process on Solaris 2.3 creates a file in the NFS file system
exported from Netware. The UNIX process writes data to the file then
closes it. The file is then read by a program running on a PC.

Now-the problem:

The file is inaccessible to the PC program for a short
time period after it has been closed by the UNIX process, about 30 to 40
seconds. After this time period the PC program is able to read the file.


The issue it appears is that the Netware implementation of NFS caches open
files which makes the file unavailable to PC based programs until the
cache is flushed. Cache flushing is a tunable parameter. The suggested
way to solve this problem is

At the NetWare console:
Tune up NFS Parameters
Set this to 0


I have not tested the above yet, so I can't report any results. The change
needs to work its way through our Netware support group (I'm from
the UNIX side).

Also it was noted that disabling caching may slow down the NFS write
operation, so an analysis may be required and a balance struck between
speed of the write and availability of the file.

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