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From: Martin R Raskovsky (
Date: Mon Jul 10 1995 - 05:15:06 CDT


The mailing list suns-at-home is active. The address in the welcome message
of sun-managers is out of date, please let the party involved know about it.

You can reach Suns-at-home through the following addresses:

        Article submissions go to:
                        -- or --

        Administrative requests go to:
                        -- or --

        Archive requests go to:
                        -- or --

Thanks to the following for their responses:

Michael Chang
Shigeki Misawa
Perry Hutchison

Dr. Martin R. Raskovsky e-mail:
Atelier de Software Ltd. voice: +44 (1934) 822 983
Rookery Farm, Puxton fax: +44 (1934) 820 209
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