SUMMARY : modems, shell, POP

From: Erin O'Neill (
Date: Thu Jul 06 1995 - 06:26:53 CDT

This summary took awhile since I wanted to try the various suggestions
I received. Here's my original plea:

> I work in the anarchy world of non-profit so I continue to have
> obscure requests. But you all have been such a source of information!!
> Here goes - I have a modem I want to restrict to POP mail only
> (currently it's only Eudora but I'm flexable :) ). These
> connections are all under 5 min. I have a couple of users that
> find this telephone number & it's almost always free so they log on,
> start a shell & stay logged on for a LONG time. I'd like to limit
> this modem to pop only.
> Now it seems to me that this could be handled by the gettytab... but
> I can't find DETAILED references to the gettytab beyond baud,
> parity & a few others.
> IS it possible to restrict a modem to a certain kind of service??
> I have :
> 670 MP running SunOS 4.1.3_u1
> USRobotics 14,4 modem
> Any help at all??????
> Now once I solve this I'd like to restrict a modem to PPP only.... :)
I received suggestions from the following:


I first tried just putting in a warning msg in the gettytab (I
thought this was a quick & dirty solution but would sorta work).
It worked nicely to warn my login people they were at the wrong modem
(tho didn't *DO* anything about it, thus it can & will be ignored)
but Eudora stopped working (I might go back to this, all I have to
do is be sure that the msg ends in a "ogin:" & Eudora will work

So I went on to trying out logdaemon's login in the gettytab. This
caused Eudora to freak & wouldn't allow the users to get their email.
It also wouldn't let my regular users login either. The docs are too
unclear for me to use this as a quick solution. I abandoned it.

Someone recommended adding a terminal ID check & if they are on
the wrong modem, log them off. This is what I'm gonna try next.
Ideally I'd use both the msg AND the modem checking (since I DO work
in an anarchy & if a user sees the msg they probably won't think
it includes THEM and thus they'll go merrily on with their lengthy
connection :) )

Someone also suggested I just add popper to the gettytab. I haven't
tried this & I just might try it since it's interesting, tho. I don't
have clear instructions & it'll be a shot in the dark.

And finally someone suggested using tcsh instead. I might try this
if all else fails.

thanks again for the suggestions!

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