SUMMARY: get back those windows lost from screen, but still running ...

From: Eric Boucher (
Date: Fri Jun 23 1995 - 12:05:17 CDT

Yo again, Guru community ...

I received only 1 (!) me too for the question I posted more than a month ago, so, there's no summary to post ! Here is my original question :

>Here's my little problem :
>For the last two days, I composed a mail in a compose window on a X terminal (doing cut & paste with a couple other windows I was writing scripts in), and yesterday night, the Ethernet connection went down between my X terminal and my Sun. Today, I came back in my office and saw that my windows on my X terminal have disappeared, but the jobs are still running on my server. The Ethernet connection came back this morning, but the X Terminal was hung, so I rebooted it.
>Question : is there a way to resume those idle jobs that are still running on my Sun server ? It is a 670MP with Solaris 2.3.
>I will summarize.

My local Unix guru ( said that it was almost impossible to get back those lost windows, because it involved something like getting back the X session or connection number, along with other parameters such as the window's positions, then starting an X server and a window manager with those parameters (and probably others!). Maybe I am off the track, but that is what I understood.

So I killed the jobs on the server.

Sigh !

Thanx anyway

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