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Here's one more I forgot to include in my summary--it's from Sun Micro!


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Date: Mon, 19 Jun 1995 09:34:42 +0100
From: Sr OS Product Support Eng - SunUK <Kimberley.Brown@UK.Sun.COM>
Subject: Reboot schedules

Hi Lyle,

Your email was forwarded to me, only cos you mentioned Panic! init.

You should not be having to reboot on a regular basis.

Systems which REQUIRE rebooting, usually require it due to resource
allocation problems which the admin can't free (or figure out how
to free). Sometimes these allocation problems are actually due to
kernel bugs where the resource is being "leaked" -- used but never
freed after use.

On both Solaris 1 and Solaris 2 (BSD SunOS 4.X and SVR4 SunOS 5.X)
there are recommended lists of patches. The recommended lists
often include a jumbo kernel patch which addresses known bugs in
the kernel, security fixes, and other fixes to bugs which cause
trouble. You should ask your Sun contact for the recommended list
or check your SunSolve CD or nearest SunSolve database server.

>From there, you may want to monitor resources... such as netstat -m
for mbufs. However, your best best is to force a panic when the
system hangs. Enable savecore (make sure you have room to store
a copy of memory), L1-A the system when it hangs (disconnect keyboard
if that doesn't work), type "Sync" at the > or ok prompt which will
trigger a panic zero. Send the resulting file to your SunService
engineer for analysis. (((Do NOT send it to me please!)))

Good luck!


PS - The book is very good. Of course, I'm biased! :-)

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