SUMMARY: SPARCPrinter toner problem.

From: Peter Watkins (
Date: Thu Jun 22 1995 - 04:36:38 CDT

Last week I asked the learned Sun Managers the following question;

> I am the proud owner of one of the old SPARCprinters which has behaved
> perfectly for the last 4 years without the need for a new toner, drum,
> etc, etc!!!
> Now however the beast is showing its age and a few days ago it demanded
> a new toner cartridge (Toner low light on constantly + J5 code). Since
> it has given such good service my heart softened and I found the new
> cartridge that it pleaded for. Installation was straightforward, simply
> follow the instructions supplied - including the very last bit. You know
> where you have to press the fiddly little reset button to (I quote)
> "reset the toner low mechanism".
> At this point the machine showed its true colours!! Pressing reset had
> no effect! Toner light says on, J5 code still present. Go through various
> permutations of switching off then on again with reset button pressed,
> concealed buttons (below the display) pressed singly or together and so
> forth. Result is always the same - printer sits there with the toner low
> light on and J5 shining out bravely.
> Moreover if I queue a print job and then do lpq it has the nerve to tell
> me that the toner is low and needs to be replaced. The last thing I need
> on a Friday afternoon is a lying printer!!
> So does anyone have suggestions as to how I can persuade this wayward
> piece of equipment that it really has a new toner cartridge and would it
> now be so good as to get on with the job it's suppose to be doing!!

Well, it turns out that combined wisdom of Sun Managers was a bit stumped
by this one. I was hoping that someone would tell me how to disassemble
the correct bit, clean/repair/hit the offending component and then rebuild
to leave a perfectly working machine. Unfortunately nobody even came close
to this.

Several people voted for themes of "...turn off the printer, then hold the
reset button while turning the printer back on...". I had already tried
this but I had another go just for something to do. It made no difference,
even if I stood on one leg, the J5 light stays on and the printer doesn't

There was mention of a SUN hardware fault and I now believe that the poor
beast is definitely "hardware disadvantaged". Fortunately I have found a
substitute SPARCPrinter that works perfectly and the old one will have
to be sent off for repairs.

Thanks to all who responded viz;

lsp2.Ando.Com!Ando.Com! (Dave Lilga) (Ernie Chan) (Mike Avina)
kurt.stype@babss.COM (Kurt Stype) (Bob Link) (Mendiola, Natividad Jr) (John Louie) (Allan Warrior)

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