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Date: Wed Jun 21 1995 - 21:32:46 CDT

Greetings Managers,

I have received 12 responses, many a success story of running cables
of various lengths from 16-feet to 400-feet between the sparc cpu
and monitor. Some people noted visible but tolerable distortion and loss
of brightness with un-amplified cables in the 100' and longer range.

Five companies were noted as having products supporting this capability.
These are:

1) MSI (Midrange Solutions Inc.)
   Union, NJ

2) BlackBox
   PO Box 12800
   Pittsburgh, PA 15241

3) NU-Data
   32 Fairview Avenue
   Little Silver, NJ 07739

4) NTI (Network Technologies Inc.)
   1275 Danner Drive
   Aurora, OH 44202

5) Ultra Spec Cables
   170 Oberlan Avenue North, Unit 15
   Lakewood, NJ 08701

So far I have obtained a small amount fax info from NU_Data and NTI,
and some phone info from Ultra Spec.

NU-Data sent me a spec on a color video amplifier that connects between
the video board and the monitor via the standard 13W3 video connectors.
This product (model 5186) will drive via a cable of 150' to 300' and
will "...overcome signal loss and produce an acceptable
picture..." The spec also makes the statement that the monitor can be
placed up to 100' away *without* amplification using high quality cables.
No pricing.

NTI sent a copy of a page of their catalog listing Sun SparcStation
video (13W3 connectors) and keyboard extension cables. They will build
cables of varying lengths in excess of 250'.

Ultra Spec has stock cables of 30-meters length for $290, tested and approved
for use without an inline amplifier. They can custom build longer cables,
and offered a 3rd-party amplifier to drive the longer-than-30M length line.

So I guess the *official* answer is 30 Meters without amplification,
up to 90 meters with the Nu-Data amplifier. THANKS TO ALL WHO RESPONDED,
and to all who will respond after this posting. The contributing managers
and original question are listed below.

Thanks again.

Joe Merola
Norden Systems Inc.
Norwalk, CT

---------------- Original Question --------------------
Hi All,

Does anyone know the maximum allowable cable length
for driving from a sparc-2 gx-plus graphics card to
a 19" color monitor?

I'm looking to replace the standard issue 1-meter
video cable that came with the system with something
in the range of approximately 16 meters.

If lengths greater than 4 meters are possible, who
are some manufacturers of these longer length cables?
Thanks to:

Gaetan Boudreau-Service informatique <boudreg@IRCM.UMontreal.CA> (Syed Zaeem Hosain)
bern@TI.Uni-Trier.DE (Jochen Bern) (Birger A. Wathne)
Heas <heas@maelstrom.Timeplex.COM>
rnapholz@PICA.ARMY.MIL (Jim Barbas ) (Yunliang Yu) (John Louie)

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