Summary: Re: System Hangs

From: Tom Abraham (
Date: Wed Jun 21 1995 - 19:26:19 CDT

Sorry about the late summary, here's the original post:

>Hi guys,
>Just another Manic Monday around here. We are getting a message
>on our (sparc running Solaris 2.2) console that says:
> tcp_close_detached: no mblk
> syncing file system
>The system hangs after the message and must be cold booted. This has
>happened sporadically over the last week. Anybody have any idea as to
>what would cause this problem to begin to appear and how to go about
>fixing it?
>I wish it was Sunday, That's my funday :-||
>TIA for any help.

The consensus was, upgrade to Solaris 2.4. Unfortunately that is not
scheduled until August; so, I had to apply the patches the sun managers
identified.. This problem was/is a well known bug in 2.2 and was fixed by
the latest kernel patch 10999-xx (I used 10999-71) and 101348-xx (I used

Thanks to all people, who replied (and anyone I might have forgot):

Mike Daffey
Henry Katz
Matt Sherek
Kevin Sheehan
Peter Bestel
Scott Kamin Scott.Kamin@Central.Sun.COM
Casper Dik casper@Holland.Sun.COM

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Network Operations Manager
American Computer and Electronics Corporation
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