SUMMARY: /rangecheck error with NeWSprint+SPARCprinter

From: Roberto Dominijanni (
Date: Wed Jun 21 1995 - 13:18:54 CDT

PROBLEM: On a SPARC 2 and SPARCprinter running SunOS 4.1.3 and
           NeWSprint 2.1 each successful print job is followed by a
           page complaining of a /rangecheck error.
           (Original post is reproduced below.)

SOLUTION: (Quoted from Scott Kamin's reply.)
           This error is seen when printer accounting is enabled and
           the page count for a printer reaches 10000.
           Simply copy /dev/null to the .pgcnt file in /var/spool/<printername>
           to reset the page counters.

This solution (or a slight variant) was given by:

    Jon Diekema
    Dave Haut
    Scott Kamin Scott.Kamin@Central.Sun.COM

Other helpful advice or comments were received from:

    Christopher L. Barnard cbarnard@CS.UChicago.EDU
    Don Lenamond
    T.J. Neputi

Many thanks to all who replied.

Roberto Dominijanni


Question posted June 13, 1995:

I am having a small problem printing to a SPARCprinter. After nearly every
print job (printing from within the calendar tool `cm' is the only exception
I know of) I get the following error (or a slight variant):

    %%[ Error: Message: process(0x2d7abc, 'Unnamed process', runnable)
    Error: /rangecheck
    Command: 'get'
    Ostack: 10000 [( ) ( ) ( ) ()] 4
      at: '.array_exec_cont' {/rangecheck *'standarderroraction'}
      at: 'get'
      at: '.packedarray_exec_cont' {... ( ) ( ) () ']' 'exch' *'get' \
          'exch' 4 'string' 'cvs' 'append' (.00) ...}
      at: '.end_exec'
    10000 [( ) ( ) ( ) ()] 4

All these jobs print successfully and the beginning of the problem was not
preceded by any change in the system.

The system configuration is:

    SPARC2 running SunOS 4.1.3
    NeWSprint 2.1 Rev B with Jumbo Patch 100925-06
    Openwin library 3
    NeWSprint interpreter 3.010

I have tried killing and restarting the relevant processes and have gone
so far as to reboot the system and turn the printer on and off without success.

Has anyone seen this before or know why it's occuring or have an antidote?
I will summarize, one way or the other, at the end of the week.


Roberto Dominijanni

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