SUMMARY: Missing Libraries?

From: Jeff Mayzurk (
Date: Wed Jun 21 1995 - 11:45:55 CDT

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their help -- I was literally
overwhelmed with responses. Thanks, everyone!


[Sparc 2, SunOS 4.1.4]: ld reports undefined symbols when compiling...

      ld: Undefined symbol


1) _dl* references:

>For the _dl* references, you probably have to explicitly specify "-ldl".
> should be in /usr/lib. I don't know about the *_xccs things.

This was the most common response -- many people told me to add "-ldl" when
compiling. The _xccs symbols were still a mystery.

2) Peter Watkins <> alerted me to the fact that this problem is
often encountered when trying to configure SunOS 4.1.x to use DNS instead
of NIS. Sun's documentation (/usr/lib/shlib.etc/README) mentions that
several of the object files must be renamed because ar truncates filenames
at 16 characters, but they leave one out. After extracting libc_pic.a,
execute the following commands:

        mv rpc_dtablesize. rpc.dtablesize.o
        mv rpc_commondata. rpc.commondata.o
        mv xccs.multibyte. xccs.multibyte.o

You can also patch the Makefile to add "-ldl" when building the libraries.
I discovered that the latest BIND 4.9.3 package has detailed information,
including several patches, to fix these problems. I got my copy from

Thanks again to everyone who responded.

Jeff Mayzurk
Arion Software

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