Re: SUMMARY: automounting local file systems

From: Garry Garrett (
Date: Mon Jun 19 1995 - 12:15:56 CDT

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Andrew <> wrote:
>>Any comments on automounting local files on Solaris 2.4:
>>Sun do say that you should not mount local file systems
>>using automount,....
>I thought I would just send a little summary.
>The replies I had suggested that there is no problem in theory,
>and no one yet has had antproblems. So I will continiue to use
>it and if ever I get a probelms I will let people know.

If I remember the start of this thread, the problem was that you
had /opt/gnu on your local file system being automounted everywhere
as /opt/gnu. Why not make the local directory something like
/opt/export/gnu and automount it everywhere (including your local
machine) as /opt/gnu? You never want to automount anything with
the same pathname that it's really mounted as on your local

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