SUMMARY: NeWSprint 2.5 hanging

Date: Mon Jun 19 1995 - 11:41:51 CDT

Thanks for the answers! The concensus is to install patch 102113-03 to
keep np_filter from infinitely looping. This was noted in the README
for patch 101318-70 (jumbo kernel patch), which I didn't read before.

I'm in the process of getting 102113-03 from SUN now, and will post again
only if this doesn't fix the problem.

Other patches mentioned to try were:
        101317-12 (101317-11 is junk)

> I'm having a problem with Solaris 2.3 and NeWSprint 2.5 driving a Sparcprinter
> from a Sparc2.
> After printing one job, the print services hang; np_filter is stuck in Run
> mode, eating CPU cycles, and there lots of other leftover processes, including
> /usr/bin/dc ????? I can fix this by shuting down print services, removing
> the appropriate request and tmp files, then restarting print services, but
> this isn't an acceptible solution.
> What's so annoying is that this setup HAD been running for 8 months. We had
> installed the lp jumbo patch 101317-04 last August, and all worked well.
> Then, silly us, we installed patch 101317-11 (among others), and the whole
> thing broke. I couldn't backout, but I have tried removing and reinstalling
> the packages SUNWlpr, SUNWlpu, and SUNWscpu from scratch, with no luck.
> Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
> John Cigas, Rockhurst College,

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