SUMMARY: creating new system table in Solaris 2.4

From: Zia Iqbal 7-2606 (
Date: Fri Jun 16 1995 - 23:47:23 CDT

Never mind that question, I figured out that the table had to be created
with the table name as group.org_dir.domainame.

So I deleted the table and recreated it, and things started to work fine


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Hello Managers,

I have an intersting one, I recreated the group's table after
accidently deleting it and now I cant add any info to it because
its related org_dir never got created as group.org_dir instead it
got created as group, and whenever I try to add an entry into the
table the system complains by saying that group.org_dir.mydomain.
not found,

So I guess what I need is to find out how to create the corresponding
directory for the system table after creatin the table itself ??

thanks for any help that can be provided


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Zia Iqbal 
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Firmwide Infrastructure Management
Goldman Sachs & Co.
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