SUMMARY: Upgrading to 4.1.4

From: Jeff Greer (
Date: Thu Jun 15 1995 - 18:06:25 CDT

Here is the summary for my generic question about upgrading to SunOs 4.1.4.
Start with my original post.

I am preparing to upgrade two SUN systems to 4.1.4
         Sparc IPC - Server - 4.1.3 - Openwin 3
         Sparc II - Dataless client - 4.1.2 - cross mounts /usr/openwin3
I have read the "Upgrading to Solaris 1.1.1" docs and all the readmeS I
could find. Being that this is my first time upgrading/installing, I was
hoping to find "watch out for..." comments or advice in this endevour.

1) Do a full install instead of an upgrade
      sunupgrade makes backup copies of some (not all) of the files it replaces
      some folks have ended up with an aborted upgrade due to / and /usr filling
      up with these backup copies.

2) Another suggestion to install from scratch followed by a restore of any
   config files that may have been overwriten

3) Include the basic Sunwindows libraries, "SunWindow_Users". This will allow
   use of Openwindows without the -nosunview option.

4) Another suggestion to watchout for config files being clobbered along with
   the offer of a script to SAVE and UNSAVE these files. (Nico Garcia)

5) Suggestion to use local CD-ROM drive instead of remote.

6) Another caution about the / and /usr partitions becoming full during upgrade.
   Along with a suggestion that the "upgrade" uinstall scripts disk size
   calculations were extremely broken.

  This is the offending distribution.
>Sun +may+ have fixed this, but I'd be careful ... My Sol 1.1.2 CDROM is:
> Part # 704-4662-10 <---- Mine is 804-4662-10
> Revision A 11/94 <---- Mine is the same

Thanks to the following folks for their input.

Ayrton Sargusingh (
kim (
Nico Garcia (
R A Lichtensteiger (

I would suggest making an online copy of /etc and /usr/etc. I did this and then
copied volatile files back. This saved time over restoring the needed config
files. Whatch out using "cp -R" command it did not work form me, I think it got
confused on linked files?

Althoug using a remote CD is a bit slower I did not find that it was at all difficult.

I would also suggest finding alternative boot methods in case the system doesn't
come back up after upgrading.

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