SUMMARY 2: unkillable process

From: Gerhard den Hollander (
Date: Thu Jun 15 1995 - 05:59:36 CDT

Even more people wrote in to help me out with this problem.

If I'd put a thanks to list here it would be longer than the summary

>> Question (paraphrased):
>> Due to a failure during backup, I cannot acces my tapedrive.
>> I quick check shows that several rmt processes are still running.
>> I try to kill them, but cannot kill the last one.

>> Solution:
>> step 1)
>> go to the remote machine.
>> kill all running dump (or rmt causing) processes
>>>> Make sure to use a kill -HUP to the dump process
>> step 2)
>> switch the tape unit off and on
>> step 3)
>> Now you can kill the rmt processes.

>> Unfortunately, this doesn't work either, so Im affraid Ill have to reboot
>> the machine.

>> My question is, is there ANY way to tell the OS the hard way that it can
>> access the drive again,
>> that is, is there sopme ``unbusy'' script ?

Short answer: NO
The only thing you can do is reboot the machine

So our solution:

We have an old Sun4 system (still on 4.1.1, our Jurassic Spark [hah hah]),
We're gonna upgrade it to solaris 2.4
Attach the tape unit to that machine,
and make it our dedicated tape driver,
with a warning sign on it

[[ Backup machine: Can be rebooted at any time whithin short notice
  Do not use this machine for processing ]]

If all goes well, we'll be expanding our hardware a lot, in which case, my
desktop X-term will be exchanged for a Sparc machine, which Ill then turn
into the tape-host.

It's not ideal,
but it works

Kinda like life itself

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