SUMMARY: unkillable processes

From: Gerhard den Hollander (
Date: Wed Jun 14 1995 - 02:36:33 CDT

Short summary:

Question (paraphrased):

        Due to a failure during backup, I cannot acces my tapedrive.
        I quick check shows that several rmt processes are still running.
        I try to kill them, but cannot kill the last one.

Lots of people suggested kill -15 and kill -9, I had allready tried those,
and they failed as well.

Another large group of people suggested the following:

step 1)
        go to the remote machine.
        kill all running dump (or rmt causing) processes

step 2)
        switch the tape unit off and on

step 3)
        Now you can kill the rmt processes.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work either, so Im affraid Ill have to reboot
the machine.

My question is, is there ANY way to tell the OS the hard way that it can
access the drive again,
that is, is there sopme ``unbusy'' script ?

I'm using a Solaris 2.4 machine.

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