SUMMARY: Solaris 2.4 on a SPARCServer 370

From: Gunnar Orvarsson (
Date: Wed Jun 14 1995 - 00:26:15 CDT

Dear Sun Managers,

This was my original question:

  I've installed Solaris 2.4 on a SPARCServer 370, I installed across
  the network using the command b le() - install.
  I installed Solaris onto a disk with SCSI target = 1. The older SunOS
  setup is still on SCSI target = 0.
  The installation seemed to be successful, however when I try to boot
  with b sd(0,1,0) i get a "device not found" message.

I got a couple of answers: (Kevin Sheehan) wrote:
  The math for targets is different on the old proms. Try sd(,4,) or sd(,8,)
  to see if that gets target 1. On the old C proms, target/lun was encoded
  in the same number - on some systems as target*4+lun, and target*8+lun
  on others. (John Valdes) wrote:

  Yes, try 'b sd(0,8,0); for sun4 systems (not sun4c, sun4m), the drive
  number in the boot command is 8*scsi-id expressed in hex.

By the time, I received these suggestions, I had already changed the
scsi id of my disk from 1 to 0 and booted successfully. The machine
is now running Solaris 2.4 happily.

Best regards,

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