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Date: Fri Jun 09 1995 - 21:43:43 CDT

Original question:

> Dear Managers,
> We are planning to buy a Remote Access Server inorder to
> provide remote LAN access to our employees who need to
> work from their home. The typical setup will be a PC
> running either Windows 3.X or Windows NT connected
> to the terminal server using 28.8K modem. Windows 3.X
> clients will be running some sort of X-terminal
> emulator.
> The ideal product should at least support:
> ARA(AppleTalk Remote Access)
> NetBeui/RAS(Window NT/WIN95)
> Dial Back for security
> 28.8K V.34 modems
> Multiport Asynch(at least 8)
> I have heared of couple of product; BitRUNR and Cisco Access
> that should provide most of these functionality. Any comments?
> I will appreciate any comments or suggestions on what other
> sites use for providing such capability.

Thanks very much for all the responses: (Anatoly M. Lisovsky) (Rob Allan) (Tim Evans) (Andy Evans)
Heas <heas@maelstrom.Timeplex.COM>
Tom Mornini <>
David Fong <dsf@NSD.3Com.COM>

Here is the summary:

> In my mind best solutions in terms of protocols and security is
> Micro Annex XL from Xylogics.

> We've been using the telebit netblazer for this type of thing.
> I think exists.

>Check into Telebit's NetBlazer, too. I'm quite happy with mine.

> Xyplex communication servers.

> I think you should check out products from Tribe. They are
> a Macintosh company originally, but their products have
> wide standards support now.
> I've noticed their 8 port RA server for a while now. Looks
> pretty good.

> 3Com has a product called AccessBuilder that may do what
> you want. You can get more info. by accessing
> the home page, (, or send an inquiry to

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