SUMMARY: need traceroute and arpwatch for Solaris 2.4

From: Robert Lopez x7112 (
Date: Thu Jun 08 1995 - 17:45:22 CDT

My original message is included at the end.

Thanks to:

   source & doc which is for BSD unix and NOT ported to Solaris from:
   binary for Sol 2.3 and man page from:
   binary for Sol 2.4, src and man from:

   source & doc which is for BSD unix and NOT ported to Solaris from:

I have found the traceroute binary from for Sol 2.3
is working fine (so far) on Sol 2.4. I have been using it today.
I have not yet checked the location to see if that
version is in anyway different. I will do this soon.

I have not found any port of arpwatch to Solaris.

Original request:
> I have a current need for traceroute and arpwatch for Solaris 2.4.
> Does anyone know if these are available for Solaris 2.4 in a form
> which does not require Solaris 2.4 source and a requirement to hack
> the kernel source?
> [From]
> arpwatch - An ethernet monitor program that keeps track of
> ethernet/ip address pairings. This package requires the bpf and
> libpcap packages.
> bpf - The Berkeley Packet Filter. Contains kernel modules for HP
> BSD and SunOS 3 and 4. NB: Full OS kernel source is required for
> installation.
> libpcap - Packet Capture library. An uniform library interface to
> the packet capture systems including the Berkeley Packet Filter
> (BSD and SunOS), Data Link Provider Interface (Solaris and SYSV),
> Stanford Enetfilter (IBM RT/4.3BSD), Network Interface Tap (SunOS
> 3), Streams Network Interface Tap (SunOS 4), Packet Filter, and
> Snoop (IRIX).
> traceroute - Prints the route packets take to a network host.
> [From]
> This program
> a) can only be run by root (it uses raw ip sockets).
> b) REQUIRES A KERNEL MOD to the raw ip output code to run.
> Thanks.
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