SUMMARY: Multiport Serial Connector

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Summary: Multiport Serial Connector

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> We are currently attempting to reduce the collective footprint of the
> servers in our machine room. As part of this goal, we are attempting to
> devise a way to stack all of our pizza-box servers (Sparc 10s and 20s)
> in a rack and have them share a single console.
> I've heard about a multi-port serial connector that allows a number
> of workstations to share a single console and complementary software
> that allows one to fire up a remote console on workstations elsewhere.
> Does anyone have any hard facts about the multi-port serial connector,
> the software, and/or know who to contact?

FYI: The number of responses that I recieved that basically said "use
cmdtool -C or xterm" to fire up a remote console indicates that I
wasn't clear enough in my original post. What I meant to say is that
we wish to fire up a remote console that can be used even in single
user mode, etc.
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These summaries are very paraphrased and any error in the following
summaries is my own, not the original authors.

You can use a Xylogics microannex xl terminal server to toggle
amoungst a number of different computers.
- Jim Wright

You can use a serial card and and tip into the ttya or get a terminal
server and connect it to the consoles.
- Kevin Sheehan

Sun Integration has an offical product: Sun Console Server. It can
host up to 48 other Sun's (or more) but is an expensive solution /
big hammer.
- Rick Niziak, Paul Guthrie

You can use a DEC VT420 (for 2 computers) or VT520 (for four
computers). These ttys can split the screen and keep track of each
console concurrently, but require special serial cords and do not
allow a large number of machines.
- Dallas Antley

You can use a Sparc with a Sun SPC/S card for each stack of machines.
Connect all console ports to SPC/S ports and you can run single-user
- Pete Zaitcev

A MAGMA 16 Sp (SBus serial port board) may provide a realatively cheap
alternative. The Magma 16 Sp is an SBus expansion board that has
sixteen high speed asynchronous serial ports with full modem control.
It can be used to connect to modems, terminals, printers/plotters or
any other RS-232 device. It is fully compatible with Sun
Microsystem's SPARC computers and other SBus systems.
- Lisa Barnes from

Two (2) Me Toos.

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Many Thanks to all who replied.

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