SUMMARY : set uid for background executable file

From: Swee-Chuan Khoo (
Date: Sun Jun 11 1995 - 23:01:55 CDT

   I got lots of reply. All of them have the same solution.
Thanx guys.

   This is the original question.

> I need to start a script in /etc/rc.local file in which the script will call several
> executable binary file to be run in background. The requirement is to have the binary
> executable file run by some other user instead of root, which is what happen now.
> The reason I didn't change the sticky bit and the owner of the executable file because
> there will be more than one user need to run these executable program thro another script
> file.

   The reply fron Linda Cygan is as follow.

> This is they way we do it. We have the following in our rc.local.
> Replace SCRIPTYOUWANTORUN with the complete pathname of the script and
> USERNAME with the user you want to run the executable. The script
> we use has some environment variables and also the command we want
> executed.
> if [ -f SCRIPTYOUWANTOTRUN ]; then
> echo -n "SCRIPTYOUWANTORUN started"
> fi
> It works for us.
> Linda Cygan
> Manager - Information Systems

Thanx for following person for their help.
1) Gary W. Parker,
2) Dave Fetrow <>
3) Jan Barte <>
4) "Boon Hing Khoo" <>
5) Tim Pointing <>
6) "David J. Nelson" <>
7) (Linda Cygan)

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