Summary of SPARC LX Internal Disk

From: Henry Unger (
Date: Sat Jun 10 1995 - 18:29:37 CDT

Thanks to all that responded. My original query:

> Any recommendations for a 2GB drive I can install internally into
> a SPARC LX (Solaris 2.4) to replace an existing Seagate ST11200N
> (SUN1.05). I noticed in format.dat that there is such a thing as
> a SUN2.1G. What is the make and model?

And the responses:

Seagate ST12400N (SUN2.1G) (the most popular)
Seagate ST42400N (also SUN2.1G???)
Quantum Atlas

Thanks to: (Steve Clemons) (Rick Dempster)
craig@services.state.COM.AU (Craig Johnson)
lilga@srv630.Ando.Com (Dave Lilga)
Eugene H. Simpson III <>


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