SUMMARY: Anyone got the jumper info for a Seagate ST31200WC?

From: Brett Lymn (
Date: Thu Jun 08 1995 - 09:07:55 CDT

A day or so ago I sent out this message:

> I have a SS20 that came with a Seagate ST31200WC 1Gig drive
>internally. Due to various circumstances the drive got removed and
>external ones used instead. Now we want to install the ST31200WC back
>into the machine but find that the SCSI ID's on both the snazzy
>internal connectors clash with the two external drives (id's 1 and 3).
>Anyone know how I can change the ID of the internal drive to something
>else? I have tried trawling Seagate's WWW page ( but
>the graphic of the drive I am looking for is not available :-(
>The drive is a Seagate ST31200WC (If you hadn't caught that by now ;-)
>with one of those integrated drive connector thingys on it (i.e.
>power, data, so on come in on the one connector).

Firstly thanks to all the people that took the time to respond - there
were a lot of you!

A lot of people told me flat out that I could not do it and that I
should just change the external drives. Me being the curmudgeon I am
did not want to do this as it involved fixing the dfstab and then
opening up the drive case and jiggering jumpers.

The short answer is that it _is_ possible. The jumpers at the front
of the disk are "wire-or'ed" with the ones on the drive connector.
That is, the resulting ID will be the combination of what is shorted
on both front and back connectors - I now have my disk running as id 5
by shorting the 4 bit on the front connector and putting the disk into
the top drive bay (normally drive 1). Since this is a Solaris 2
machine the id will work ok.

Jim White ( sent me a copy of the data from
the Seagate BB which seems to be _wrong_ (sorry Jim, I appreciated the
data but I thought I would warn people!) - they claim that the front
connector overrides the 80-way connector id (it does not) AND the
picture they gave for the connector seems to be incorrect, at least
the way I got it to work did not match what was in the diagram that
Jim sent me.

I cannot exactly remember which pins are for what ID but it seems that
on the disk I have that the ID pins are on the left hand side of the
front connector if you hold the disk facing you with the HDA

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