SUMMARY: terminal servers

From: Donald McLachlan (
Date: Thu Jun 08 1995 - 06:08:25 CDT

First, a copy of my original question:

!! I know this is not a high priority isssue, but I could not find an appropriate
!! newsgroup.
!! I need a terminal server to support at least 4 serial devices so to be safe
!! I'll look for an 8 port terminal server. I need to be able to telnet to
!! a port on the server from a host on the network, as well as (the usual)
!! of being able to telnet from a terminal on the server to a host.
!! I have not been watching this market for a while, what is currently on the
!! market that is good, simple to configure and no too expensive?
!! Don

I guess things don't change very quickly in this market as I got large number
of votes for Xylogics Annex terminal servers. I was told that the sun NTS
terminal server is simply a rebadged Annex. There was a tie for second
place between Xyplex and Lantronix. I got some honorable mentions for
Central Data SCSI servers, Livingston terminal servers, Allegro System
terminal servers, and Spider terminal servers (made by ?).

Now some contact info:

        Tel 800-225-3317
        Tel 617-272-8140
        Fax 617-273-5392

Livingston: /
        Phone: 800-458-9966, 510-426-0770
        Fax: 510-426-8951

Allego Systems:
        Phone: (520)-795-6000 Mon-Fri 8:00-5:00, Mountain Standard Time


Central Data:
        Tel 800-482-0315
        Fax 217-359-6904

        Sales Tel 800-422-7055
        Sales Fax 714-450-7232

I also have infomation for a terminal server from Digi International

        Tel 612-943-9020
        Tel 800-344-4273
        Tel 612-943-9020
        Fax 612-943-5398

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