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From: Roberto Wagner (sunuru!
Date: Tue Jun 06 1995 - 13:46:45 CDT

Sorry for the delay in sending this summary. I wanted to try the
configuration before sending the comments.

Original questions:

> We have a customer who has two Sun servers (SS5 y SS20)
> with Solaris 2.4, two servers with Netware 3.12, several PC's
> Lanwork Place 4.2 and a Cisco Lan Router.
> They have a permanent connection with Internet through Cisco
> Lan Router.
> They want a private DNS server configured in the SS5 for the
> local questions and that this server can make the questions to
> external DNS when they need to make an outside connection.
> We have made some tests by configuring a local DNS server
> problems. But we would like to know how to establish the link
> with the external DNS.
> Thanks in advance...

Thanks a lot to:
     John Stewart <sun!!jns>
     sun!SUGAR-LAND.WIRELINE.SLB.COM!bobr ( Bob Reardon )
     sun!TI.Uni-Trier.DE!bern (Jochen Bern)
     "Christopher A. Stewart" <sun!!allan>
     james mularadelis <sun!!jamesm>

NOTE: Some of you told me to get the DNS and BIND book by
O'Reilly & Associates. I'm trying to get it (it is not easy to
get specialized books from here).

We configurated SS5 server as DNS server following J. Bern
suggestions and a few suggestions from Solaris 2.4 Answerbook.
The solution should be to use NIS++, but LanWork Place soft pack
cannot be configured for NIS++.

Thank you again!!

Roberto Wagner (sunuru!rwagner@Sun.COM)

J. Bern bern@unie

You simply tell the local Server in its /etc/named.boot to load
a List of root Servers:

; Root Servers (reloaded on Boot)
cache . named.root

and set up the Servers "above" by giving their IP#s:

; Try to go over central DNS Servers (fallback to do it yourself
if Failure)

(if *all* of these fail, your Server will contact the root
directly, which is why you should have a List of these.)

Then all that remains to do is to update named.root regularly.
>From my Copy:

; This file is made available by InterNIC registration
; under anonymous FTP as
; file /domain/named.root
; -OR- under Gopher at RS.INTERNIC.NET
; under menu InterNIC Registration Services
; submenu InterNIC Registration Archives
; file named.root

It all depends really. First off, I would suggest picking up
O'Reilly's DNS and Bind book -- it can help out a lot on
these applications. Second off, you might want to contact your
(Internet Service Provider) for more information.

Not knowing if you want a primary DNS server, or if you have a
secondary through the ISP, there are too many options so I can't
a quick explanation.

Anyway, get the book -- it's worth it.

From: "Christopher A. Stewart" <sun!!allan>

Add the following lines to /etc/named.boot

forwarders <ip address of external DNS server>

Then if you got packet filters in place make sure port 53 on the
can talk to port 53 on the external server, both tcp and udp.

From: james mularadelis <sun!!jamesm>

Why not just have a single DNS system that contains your local
and also has access to the outside? We have a DNS server that
contains local maps for the campus allowing campus systems to do
resolution and also it does name resolution for systems that are
campus. Easier to maintain and keep consistant with changing

Get the book from Oreilly & Associates on DNS and Bind. Has a
lot of
useful info.

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