Summary-Help! NIS+ Problems within 2 sites.

Date: Wed Jun 07 1995 - 01:56:44 CDT

Hi Sun managers:

Although I have not yet started getting replies on the following problems.
It has already been resolved and hence I am summarizing.

Please read problem description below:
Solution: We found that we had in our search path on some
of the tables in the domain This caused nis+ to fail when the
link to boulder was down. What we intended to do was to look at after looking at That way I can log on to boulder machines even
though I dont have an account there.

nistbladm -u -p '' passwd.org_dir and similar
commands for other tables fixed it.

niscat -o passwd.org_dir will list all attributes of the table including the
search path. Thanks to all.

Hello Sun managers:

I have a really interesting and challenging problem with NIS+ that I have
been trying to resolve for 2 weeks now. SUN is trying to help with no luck

The Setup:

We have 2 locations, one in boulder and one in Herndon, VA.
The boulder site has about 2 dozen workstations and the herndon site about
3 dozen workstations. Our root domain is in herndon. The nis+ master
for the root domain is in herndon. (no replicas since SUN support suggested
that replicas may be causing the problems), The nis+ master for our subdomain is in boulder(again no replicas). File systems mounted
using automounter/NIS+ from both sites to both sites. Both locations run
under Solaris2.3 (all recommended patches installed including 101318-70)

The Problem: We have been loosing our link to boulder almost once everyday
(we have a fractional T1 link to boulder), Everytime we loose our link,
NIS+ does not work properly in the root domain. The root master server machine
looses CPU cycle and we get output of niscat passwd.org_dir and niscat
auto_direct.org_dir only one out of 5 times and our whole network comes to
a grinding halt.

The error messages: on the server are

<server name> nisd[1364]: _ _ directory_object: Failed parent lookup, status 5

Has anyone seen such problems. Is there any way to keep our root domain working
even when we loose our link to our subdomain??? Please mail your thoughts
to As always I will summarize and mail to all.

thanks in Advance.
Ramesh Radhakrishnan
UNIX System Administrator
Herndon, VA-22071
Ph: (703)-793-1074

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