SUMMARY: Followup to Solaris 2.4 and JetAdmin (NEW!)

From: Joseph P DeCello III (
Date: Mon Jun 05 1995 - 14:37:07 CDT

As to all the discussion of jetadmin and hpnp failures in Solaris 2.4.

I was fortunate enough, that when I needed to install Solaris 2.4, there
was a new version of the jetadmin software, supporting Solaris 2.4.
I think it's C.2.33.0 which is kinda confusing, having a version with 2.3
in it, that just now supports solaris 2.4. You'd think they'd name it:

        C.2.4.01 or something reasonable, oh well.

It works very well, and adds support for newer printers.

It's on

well, something like that, after pub, I'm guessing from RAM (memory that
get's erased from time to time).

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