SUMMARY: changing hostid under Solaris 2.4

From: James Ashton (
Date: Tue Jun 06 1995 - 10:36:13 CDT


I've attempted to use `sethostid-simple-5.3' provided as part of the
`hid-1.3.1' package. My problem is that I'm using Solaris 2.4, i.e.
SunOS 5.4 and the sethostid module will not load.


I received the usual batch of `me too's and enquiries about what the
package does. It provides several different ways to change the hostid
(as returned by `hostid' or `sysdef -h' under Solaris 1 or 2
respectively). Hostids are typically used by commercial software
vendors to restrict the use of their programmes to certain machines.
This can be a real pain if your hostid changes (because of a hardware
repair or upgrade, etc.) so hid allows you to set the hostid to
whatever value you want.


The documentation with `hid-1.3.1' omits to mention that, after adding
`sethostid 177' to `/etc/name_to_sysnum' it is necessary to reboot.
This solved my problem -- I guess it should have been an obvious step
to try. This documentation problem is apparently fixed in later
releases of hid which I obviously missed in my searching. (Mark Henderson) notes that:

>The latest version of the package is available from the following
>sites as change-sun-hostid-1.4.3.tar.gz
> (Mike Dubman) provided an alternative script to do the
same job but, since a reboot solved my problems, I haven't tried it.


Thanks to: (Mark Henderson) (Craig Prall) (Mike Dubman)

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