Summary: Help - how can I ensure a directory is unshared??

From: Donald M. Brown (
Date: Fri Jun 02 1995 - 12:40:00 CDT

I want to thank those who replyed to my plea for help on
how I could ensure a directory is not shared. The original
question was:

:I've got a peculiar problem. I stopped sharing a directory, but it
:can still be mounted remotely. I removed the directory from
:/etc/dfs/dfstab and even edited the stale entries from /etc/rmtab,
:to no avail. This directory does not show up in shareall -e or
:shareall -a, but on a remote machine I can type:
: # mount oz:/usr/local/disks/D01 /mnt
:And it successfully mounts the directory. I've rebooted the server
:a couple of times, but it is still the same.
:So - the questions I have are: how can I ensure a directory is
:not shared and how can I tell what directories may have been
:shared in the past that are still accessible from remote

I didn't realize that sharing one level of directory allowed
me to mount any of its subdirectories individually. That
is an interesting property of sharing.

The previous administrator of this system had mounted
a disk drive on /usr/local/disks/D01 and thus had to
share it seperately. When I moved the disk drive to
another mount point, and unshared it, I couldn't figure
out why I could still mount the original directory from
another system. Now I know.



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