SUMMARY: Printcap entry for DEC LNO3

From: Doug Benson (
Date: Sat Jun 03 1995 - 01:28:42 CDT

Thanks to all that responded to my request for help on a printcap entry
for a DEC LNO3 printer. I received a good bit of useful information, but
the key was that this printer required a null moden cable. After quickly
rigging up a cable, I started to get some output.

Thanks to:
Laurie Borthwick
Bill Morrow
Tim White
Bill Reed
Gary Berger
Rory Clancy

Here are some examples of printcap entries for this printer.

lp|A4 DIGITAL LN03R in Rory Clancy's Office, phase 2.2|rorys:\
        :sd=/var/spool/printers/rorys:|pspr|lw421|Aeronautics Laser Printer:\


lp|Default line printer, LN03:\

       #This printer uses null-modem cable
        #9600 baud,Xon/Xoff,8 data bits
        #Do not use "sf" field if you are not using
        #DOS application,otherwise;you have to do form
        #feed manually.
        ln03|Dec ln03 Laser printer

Doug Benson

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