SUMMARY(Sort of): How do I remove refernces to old patches?

From: Matt Sherek (
Date: Wed May 31 1995 - 14:41:02 CDT

In my original question I asked:
>I'd like to remove references to outdated patches when I do a showrev -p.
>I assume it's a file somewhere but I have been unable to locate it.
>I apply the patches with the -d option so backing the patch out is not an option.
>Example: ( Chopped down for readability )
>g0062% showrev -p |grep 101945 |sort
>Patch: 101945-11 Obsoletes: 101918-01 ...
>Patch: 101945-13 Obsoletes: 101918-01,101975-01,101983-03 ...
>Patch: 101945-23 Obsoletes: 101918-01,101969-07,101971-01 ...
>Patch: 101945-27 Obsoletes: 101918-01,101969-07,101971-01 ...
>I want to get rid of the top three and only leave the most current rev.

I got about 10 responses most of which pointed to /var/sadm/patch. Unfortunatly,
this is not where the info is kept. Thanks for responding tho'. A couple people
sent command lines to grep out only the ones I want, but again, not quite what
I wanted. I guess I'm a little too anal that way.
Anyway, after doing some more checking I found out the info is kept in

Type this in to see: grep PATCH_ID /var/sadm/pkg/*/pkginfo |sort -u
                 eg. grep 101945 /var/sadm/pkg/*/pkginfo |sort -u

You then remove the directories which contain references to the old patches
and, voila, no more old patches!

I will start working on a script to automate this but have more pressing things.
This is one of those things that's annoying, but doesn't pose a problem.

Thanks to all people who tried to help. It gave a different perspective on how
to solve the problem.

Matt Sherek
Fingerhut Companies

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