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Date: Thu Jun 01 1995 - 04:04:33 CDT

Thanks to all who responded (see list below) !!!

my original question was:

>> I'm looking for a program or programs that will help me test
>> my DNS entries. Ive used nslookup but I'm looking for
>> something a bit more comprehensive. I would specificaly
>> like to test Reverse DNS lookup's. We are running
>> Solaris 1.x.

The overwhelming responses were to use:

doc, host, dig, dnswalk, nslookup, nstest

(dnswalk requires perl, and dig)
(doc requres dig)

to do simple reverse lookups "host" is the easiest to use.
to do comprehensive dns testing doc, dig, and dnswalk, appear to
do a real good job. (i'm still testing).

dnswalk, dig and doc are all available at:

nslookup and nstest are on the sun distribution but there are
no man pages for nstest (if anyone has man pages please send them)

To do reverse ip lookups using nslookup:

set type=ptr

Thanks again (sorry if i forgot anyone):

Mike Battersby <> (Stephen Waelder) (Birger A. Wathne)
Claus Assmann <> (F-J. Moser - ABB Power Generation Ltd -
Tony Nicholson <> (Konradin Stoehr)
bern@TI.Uni-Trier.DE (Jochen Bern) (Michael D. Reynolds) (Tim White) (Miguel Angelo Rozsas)
Bill Morrow <>
Mark Richardson <Mark_Richardson@Novell.COM>
zeke (William T. Reckas)
cgates (Craig Gates)
Nate Itkin <>

Joe Welfeld

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